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Therapy has the power to improve our lives

Our range of therapeutic services is available to all. We welcome adults of all ages, children, adolescents, couples, and families. Embrace the benefits without any complications.

Clinical Social Workers


Benefit from therapy provided by psychologists, mental health workers, or clinical social workers.

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Improve health conditions and overall quality of life through personalized nutritional guidance.

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Best Nutritionist Montreal


Seek guidance for a range of issues, whether individually or with loved ones.

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Adjunct Treatments

Improve health and happiness through acupuncture, reiki, and more.

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Adjunctive Therapy
Psychology Therapy Near Me

Corporate Wellness

Empowering companies to establish a culture that promotes health and wellness.

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Career/Vocational Testing

Discover potential career paths by exploring your career interests and better understanding your way of approaching the world.

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Career/Vocational Testing

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Are you a professional provider of one the services listed above? Reach out to see how collaborating with openspace clinic can benefit your practice.

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