After a remarkable 53 year career in public education, including 47 years working out of 6000 Fielding Avenue for the English Montreal School Board and the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal, Lew Lewis announced his retirement as Director of Student Services over a year ago. But now he has decided to go into private practice with Openspace Clinic, situated at 4115 Sherbrooke St. W., a little east of Greene Avenue in Westmount. Lew is very excited about entering a new phase of his professional life by joining Openspace Clinic which he describes a wonderful and diverse group of talented clinicians and wellness professionals. The primary focus of Lew’s professional practice will be working with older adolescents and adults with challenges related to anxiety, depression, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, life transitions, workplace issues, and stress management. Having known Lew for over 20 years, I can best describe him as a very warm, caring, and empathetic individual as well as an extremely insightful and supportive professional, widely respected by friends and colleagues alike! Lew can be reached at or at 514-833-9886.