Shira Levitt, MSW (She/Her)

Clinical Social Worker

As a licensed Social Worker, Shira has passionately worked with children and teenagers for over 10 years. Her main focus has been supporting her clients with issues such as, but not limited to, anxiety, social skill building, navigating friendships, emotional regulation, and bullying. She has proven to prioritize creating an empathetic, empowering, and non-judgmental environment for her clients in order for them to feel safe, heard and understood.
With a certificate in Early Child Behavior Consulting, Shira works collaboratively with parents in order to provide positive parenting tools and techniques. She helps parents lead and guide their children without punishment or shame in order to keep their dignity intact. Shira takes great pride and honor in being able to authentically help navigate and empower families through the challenges of parenthood.
Shira has a Masters of Social Work degree from Wurzweiler University in New York and is a member of L’Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec. This very inspiring journey has motivated Shira’s interest to work towards strengthening our children in order to help raise confident and independent thinkers that will become well-adjusted adults for our future.