Rosemarie Cianci, PDt (She/Her)

Professional Dietitian

Rosemarie is a registered dietitian and member of the Ordre des Diététistes-Nutritionnistes du Québec and Dietitians of Canada. She completed her undergraduate degree in dietetics at McGill University and is now pursuing a Master of Science in clinical nutrition at New York University.

She is passionate about helping people have a healthy relationship with food.  She also focuses on the patients’ specific needs: diabetes, digestive disorders, cardiovascular disease, food allergies and sensitivities, pregnancy, endocrine disorders, sports nutrition​, veganism, and more. Her focus is on intuitive eating, gentle nutrition, and body respect.  She works to make nutrition easy for her clients! Rosemarie works to support her patients with respect, and work collaboratively, by listening to their concerns and make changes that can be sustained.