Raphael.e Gagné BSW 

Social Worker

Raphael.e works with a broad range of issues including depression, stress management, anxiety, relationships, gender dysphoria, complex trauma, and substance abuse. In the past 12 years, they have worked in addictions, mental health, psychiatry, childhood trauma and anti-oppressive social work. 

Raphael.e is a person who has lived hardships and combines their diverse life experience with clinical theory to bring about significant changes for the person at the personal, relational, and environmental levels. They prioritize establishing a strong therapeutic rapport and work to help the person utilize their inherent strengths to prosper in their environments.

Raphael.e’s educational background is in social work, psychology, and critical theory. They are completing a research thesis in trauma resilience, attachment and narrative methods with LGBTQ+ people at McGill University. They also have studied meditation and mindfulness with various well known meditation teachers from all over the world.