Quinn Willson, BSW, MED (She/Her)

Registered Social Worker & Family Mediator with Engagements

Quinn is a registered social worker with 5+ years of experience in the public, private, and NPO sectors. After completing her BSW at McGill, she began working across the continuum of mental health, from general social services to psychiatry. Quinn supports individuals and couples through emotional regulation, self-esteem, and interpersonal conflicts.  She revels in work-related issues like burnout, work-life balance, job satisfaction, performance anxiety, and career reorientations. To help clients find fulfillment in their social and professional lives, she nurtures their self-esteem and solidifies emotional regulation skills. She turns abstract themes into concrete actions by using examples, imagery, anecdotes, and exercises. As an Accredited Family Mediator with Engagements, Quinn helps separating couples divide assets & parental responsibilities to facilitate harmonious transitions.