Nicole Withers, M.S.W.

Clinical Social Worker

Nicole holds a Bachelor of Social Work from Memorial University and a Master’s of Social Work from McGill University. She has focused her education on providing best practices for children, young people, and their families. She operates from a holistic person-centered, empathetic and competent support through relational interventions in order to help people navigate stresses, health and wellness, behavioral difficulties, conflicts, peer relationships, and psychosocial needs. Nicole primarily utilizes play and art therapy approaches to engage with children and young people, from a lens of harm reduction, rights based, as well as empowerment, strength-focused, and collaboration.
Nicole believes that “As practitioners, we hold power in creating spaces in which young people can do the work they want to do. I do not hold the answers. I will never know what it is like to walk in their shoes, however, I can be that person in the back of a boat paddling with force and providing ongoing support. I have skills and abilities to listen and build alliances upon the foundation of respect and dignity. Through this, my efforts are to bring people to places in their lives they wish to guide me. I have learned that compassion, hope, gratitude, awareness, and reflection are key to my practice, and in understanding and working alongside people” .