Maria Rosario Lopez, Ph.D. (She/Her)


María Rosario has been working as a counsellor for more than 20 years providing a safe, respectful, and caring environment to explore and heal. She offers support to adults facing life’s challenges including anxiety, life crisis, parenting concerns, developmental and transitional crises, and conflicts in personal, or work relationships.

María Rosario’s goal for clients is to lead them to fully accept and understand themselves by shedding light on new aspects of themselves that will include their strengths and their abilities to cope. These sessions will lead them to develop a most profound Self integrating their lights and shadows to attain their full potential.  She has treated clients from all over the world. Sessions are offered in English, French, or Spanish. 

As a doctor in Psychology in the process of obtaining the equivalences to become a member of the OPQ, Rosario provides psychotherapist receipts.