Alexia Maman, M.S.W.

Licensed Social Worker

Alexia Maman is a Social Worker and and a member of the OTSTCFQ. She has 5 years of experience in providing counselling to various clienteles in different settings including youth protection services, the Jewish General Hospital, and community support.
Alexia is specialized in perinatal mood disorders, maternal mental health, conjugal violence situations, and family issues. She is certified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and uses a collaborative and strengths-based approach to support individuals with reaching the goals that are meaningful to them.
Most importantly, Alexia is a mom who is living through similar daily life challenges as the rest of us and is here to listen without judgement, to support, and to cheer clients on towards living their best lives. She will provide practical tips and tools to manage conflict and stressful situations, and enhance daily life and self-care.